Team ARGOS has formed an official partnership with EZswap! ARGOS KYC would be applied for NFT users to support building a healthier community through user verification. EZswap is the first NFT DEX that uses AMM to solve NFT liquidity. And ARGOS KYC is here to help verify users for a healthier community.

Are you interested in creating a reliable community? Wanting to apply KYC for business related to NFT? ARGOS KYC can help you to solve hassle work. Contact the ARGOS team for a FREE demo.
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Excited to share world’s first crypto Travel Rule solution on verifying unhsoted wallets. With ARGOS ID, verifying the non-custodial wallets becomes simple, easy, and fast. Contact us for a free trial. Experience it and share it!

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  • FREE 1,000 Credits (Worth $1,000)
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Make Unhosted Wallets Compliant




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