Who needs online KYC? Why?

Online KYC — Is It By Mandatory or By Choice?

There are several industries that need to do KYC by law, and some that…

Why Selfie ID Verification Is Used for KYC?
  1. Why It’s Called Identity Verification, not Identification?
  2. Selfie Verification and ID photos for KYC

From Traditional KYC to Online KYC

Once considered time-consuming traditional ways of KYC, a Know Your Customer process is showing a shift in speed and accuracy. The transition in the movement has become possible due to the internet. Going online has led to not only the convenience in the solution process but also the accuracy and…

KYC — Know Your Client

Businesses start to ask, what is KYC? KYC is an abbreviation of Know Your Client or Know Your Customer. KYC is a widely used terminology, especially in the banking, finance, and insurance realm. It is an action on knowing who the clients are while joining to be your business’s customer…

Argos KYC

Identify Anyone Anywhere Anytime

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