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2 min readFeb 2, 2023

Just like blockchain technology has shown the opportunity for decentralization in the finance industry and made the term DeFi a lot more common, it also applies to the gaming industry. In the game industry, the term GameFi is here. GameFi, Play To Earn(P2E), NFTs, blockchain game, and the crypto game holds similar definition, playing games on the blockchain.

Web 3 game providers such as PlayDapp offer a unique way to reward players. However, this can often be hindered by onboarding abuse issues. When creating crypto wallets, users can make multiple wallets. And this is a challenge to the game service provider as it cannot distinguish whether a particular person has created an account or not.

In order to prevent such onboarding abuse issues, the innovative ARGOS KYC team has found an ingenious solution called ARGOS ID. Users’ wallets can now be easily verified with a single number so that everyone gets the rewards they deserve. The PlayDapp has prepared to link multiple wallet addresses to 1 ARGOS ID. This means that there is a limit on the number of wallet addresses that can be linked.

Focus on what you can do well while ARGOS ID provides assistance in validating non-custodial wallets. If your business is dealing with problems such as verifying crypto wallets, ARGOS ID can provide a solution. ARGOS ID platform operates with simple API and Web SDK which provides an easy way to securely and quickly verify non-custodial wallets. By using ARGOS ID, businesses don’t need to worry about wasting any more time or resources trying to figure out how to verify crypto wallets. Providing both convenience and security, ARGOS ID takes away the complexity of wallet verification and helps businesses run more efficiently.

ARGOS team delights in welcoming PlayDapp onboard. With ARGOS ID, a reliable blockchain wallet verification solution, the need to authenticate numerous crypto wallets per user is now confidently resolved. We are actively seeking to expand our customer base, providing verification solutions for crypto wallet holders in a variety of industries. As we continue to do so, connecting with more and more customers who rely on secure blockchain technology remains an ongoing priority. Feel free to contact the ARGOS sales team for a free trial.

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