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No matter where you are at, what time you are at, close to real-time KYC check is possible with Argos KYC. Thanks to the automatic KYC process system along with OCR technology, Argos KYC can provide prompt and accurate KYC and AML screening results.

01. Automatic KYC Process

With our updated KYC 2.0 version, Argos KYC can provide an automated KYC process. Our clients can experience the fast speed in the process both from the API and liveform. We can proudly say that automatic KYC operation is one of the largest merits as not many KYC solution providers can offer it. So what can you expect? Fast in the process result as there is no need to wait for more than 1 day. Let your users experience the prompt KYC process and enable them to enjoy your service in time.

02. OCR Technology

Argos KYC puts our clients’ and users’ convenience in the first place. This is why we utilize OCR technology. OCR is converting typed, handwritten, or printed text into machine-encoded text. It reads the text and automatically transfers it into digital format. OCR technology enhances the user’s convenience as they do not need to type every single piece of information.

During the KYC process, OCR technology comes in handy. Users only need to scan the ID card with the mobile device. Then the information on the ID card such as first name, last name, date of birth, gender, and nationality is automatically extracted. Therefore, users do not have to type every single piece of information. When the user’s name is long or the user is not familiar with using a mobile device, automatic data extraction becomes accessible and convenient.

03. Passive Liveness Check

Liveness check is a strong tool for detecting biometric liveness status. This means when a person submits a selfie photo during the KYC process, liveness check is possible through a single photo.

Unlike other KYC providers where they request additional actions such as moving face or saying codes, Argos KYC makes the identity verification process smooth by requesting to submit only a photo. Yes, a SINGLE selfie photo. This is great for the user experience. Fast in KYC time, hassle-free actions, and reliable technology.

Let your users experience a smooth KYC process with near real-time KYC process results delivery. Argos KYC lets you identify anyone at any time anywhere with an abundance of advanced technology. Protect your company safe with reliable KYC and AML screening services. Argos KYC got you covered with KYC and AML compliance duty.

Argos KYC | Got you covered!

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Identify Anyone Anywhere Anytime

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Argos KYC

Argos KYC

Identify Anyone Anywhere Anytime

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