Instant Crypto Wallet Ownership Approval

2 min readJan 11, 2023

Previously, we have shared a post regarding how ARGOS ID can be used on detecting users’ onboarding scams such as using multiple crypto wallets. (Read it here)

Let us share the benefits of ARGOS ID. Instant crypto wallet ownership approval is available. From the users’ point of view, users want instant and fast results. It’s mainly because verifying crypto wallets is requested by the service provider which users do not wish to do. Therefore, providing instant and seamless approval is an essential factor on the users’ side.

ARGOS ID lets prove various crypto wallets possible. ARGOS ID is an advanced form of ARGOS KYC which mainly focuses on proving personal identity. ARGOS ID mainly focuses on proving ownership of unhosted wallets. To businesses that need to verify crypto wallets’ ownership, ARGOS ID is an ideal service as it also helps to stay compliant with crypto regulations.

ARGOS ID Main Features

  1. Easy Connection
  2. Web 3 Environment
  3. Simple Procedure
  4. Transaction to 3rd Party

Adapt ARGOS ID and let the customer experience instant crypto wallet ownership approval. With one-time KYC, users can connect to various crypto wallets.

Currently, 5 blockchain networks 1)Ethereum, 2)Solana, 3)Binance Smart Chain, 4)Polygon, and 5)Klaytn are supported. Also, MetaMask, Phantom, and WalletConnect connections are supported. With simple API and Web SDK, get ARGOS ID in your service ready without any delay. Experience the simple, fast, and easy integration.

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