[ICO] How to register Carry Protocol KYC

Carry Protocol KYC registration is scheduled on 11 Aug 2018.
Since it is a famous ICO project in Korea, a great number of participants have already registered KYC since the pre-sales stage. Today’s posting is to inform for those whom feel any difficulties registering CARRY KYC.

What you need

1. Photo ID
Your photo, issuing agency, unique number, name, date of birth and nationality must be revealed to verify your identity. Passport is most advantageous and preferred.

※ Note: any identifications that are not written in English will be rejected when applying for KYC. Because KYC/AML process requires ‘Internationally certified English name’ to exactly match with the global watch lists.

2. Proof of residence
If your current residence and nationality are different, you will need to submit.

※ Note: As with ID cards, any documentations for the proof of residence must be able to be verifiable in English. Only those issued within 3 months are valid.

Registering KYC

1. Signing Up

Go to the official homepage of Carry(click) and click the “Contribute Now” button.

Enter the e-mail address for your log-in account, check the boxes, and hit the ‘Sign up’ button.

The screen will be displayed as above. Meanwhile, one time password will be sent to the e-mail address registered as below.

Please check the confirmation code carefully.

After OTP confirmation is completed, set your password for the account. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed.

For the time being, you will see the screen above. The expected KYC start date is 11th of August, and the ‘KYC Registration’ button will be available then.

2. Registering KYC

Please note that all the information including text and image must be recognizable in English. English ONLY!

1. Personal information (English only)

1-a First Name(Given Name) —1-b Middle Name(if any) —1-c Last Name(Family name) sequence. Quite many participants mistakenly type in his/her Last Name in First Name column. So be careful.1-a. It is a column to fill in ‘Name’. Please be careful not to fill in ‘surname’.

1-d. You can either scroll down or type in your ‘Nationality’ as seen in the screen.

1-e. Be sure to fill in the order of (day, e.g. 27) — (month, e.g. 06) — (year, e.g. 19XX).

1-f. Your legally recognized gender. Let’s proceed to next steps.

2. Identification (English ONLY)

2-a. The “type of identification” you are submitting. “passport” is most suitable for the participants. Please make sure that the your ID card is not expired. I will continue assuming you have chosen “passport

2-b. Your ‘Passport number’. Please make sure to type in the right number.

2-c. You will be presenting your ‘passport photo’. Please scan or photo-shoot the information page of your passport and upload the file.


  • Please present the information page as the example (do not upload the photo of cover page of the passport).
  • Please check if the passport is cut off in to photo or if it is difficult to identify due to light reflection, etc.
  • Please make sure that the typed-in information and the passport information are exact match.

2-d. As shown in the example, you will be presented with a ‘selfie’ taken with the ‘previously submitted passport.’

- Make sure to take selfie with ‘Previously submitted passport’. Other ID card different from earlier submission will not be accepted.
- Selfies without holding the ID documentation are not accepted.
- Don’t cover your face with a hat or sunglasses, for example.
- Please check if it is difficult to identify due to shaking or light reflection.

3. Residence Information (English only)

Type in your current residence in English

3-g. If you click ‘Yes’, you will be able to complete the KYC form by hitting ‘SUBMIT’ button. The confirmation email will be sent to you shortly.

3-h. If you are currently living in different country from your ‘Nationality’, click ‘No’. You will need to submit a proof of residence. All KYC process is now completed. Likewise, The confirmation email will be sent to you shortly.


  • Your proof of residence must be ‘verifiable in English’.
  • Carry Protocol chose to accept only certificates issued in the last three months.
  • Submit utility and communication bill such as water, gas and electricity within 3 months.
  • Please make sure that the photos are well identifiable.

Along with KYC, Carry team has announced that there will be a quiz that will limit the opportunities for participation. For those who successfully passes the quiz will be given the privilege to participate on the first day of KYC with 20ETH personal cap (the others can participate from the second day with 10ETH personal cap). It is likely a simple quiz that can be solved without any difficulty if you read the white paper carefully. For more details, please check the official telegram channel (click).

An example from the last Meet-up in Busan)
Q. What is not the market problem that the carry protocol is trying to solve?
1. Significantly low data utilization against offline market size
2. The effect of offline marketing is not easily and effectivevly mesured
3. Consumers have no control over data
4. Offline market is too big compared to mobile and online market

Examples from Telegram Channel)
Q1. How would you define the carry protocol in one word?
A. A platform that connects stores and consumers based on blockchain

Q2. What is the problem that carry protocol solves?
1) Fragmented offline commercial data
2) Consumers do not have ownership over data
3) Opaque, ineffective, and lagging offline advertising
4) Discomfort of coupon and membership point management

Q3. What is Carrie’s goal?
1) By integrating offline transaction data, Carry provides a platform for stores to understand and interact with customers.
2) Consumers have control over their payment data and are able to monetize them.
3) Provide new advertising means that are reliable and efficient.

So far, we have learned about how to participate in KYC of Carry Protocol. I wish all investors a successful bid.

Visit Carry Protocol: https://carryprotocol.io/


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