Argos KYC is attending the Asian Financial Forum 2022 from January 10 to January 12, 2022. Asian Financial Forum(AFF) is Asia’s premier platform for thought leadership, innovation, and networking for global financial and business leaders, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Due to Covid 19, the forum is scheduled to hold online. Amid…

In the previous post, we have covered the topic regarding why face liveness detection technology is becoming more necessary. Biometric verification is considered to be reliable to fight against fraudsters. Let’s dive deep into the difference in the liveness detection technology: passive liveness and active liveness.

Passive Liveness, what is it?

We know that liveness…

OCR ID Card Template Usage in KYC Process

Wondering what is an OCR ID Card Template? Argos KYC uses OCR technology plus categorizes the extracted data using the ID Card template. In this way, collected data can be used in a format that is suitable to process the data analysis. It brings convenience and speed in processing data.

First, what is an OCR?

Argos KYC

Identify Anyone Anywhere Anytime

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